The Burnaby Hospice Society is currently expanding its Board of Directors

Learn more about this opportunity and how to apply below.

Our Mission is to provide services in Burnaby to individuals and families going through the end-of-life journey. We support individuals who are in palliative or hospice care along with their families and caregivers. We educate our community about death, dying and bereavement.


As the Burnaby Hospice Society celebrates its 35th year of service, we are seeking members of the community to fill openings on our Board of Directors.

The BHS board operates as the Society’s main governing body and focuses its efforts on developing and monitoring the goals and policies of the organization.

The natures of these duties are primarily strategic (setting priorities and monitoring performance), generative (big picture questions and big picture thinking) and fiduciary (stewardship of assets and accountability).

The Burnaby Hospice Society is committed to ensuring our Board reflects the community we serve. Our recruitment processes strive to ensure a diversity of backgrounds and experiences are represented, including ethnicity, gender, age, geography and cultural background.


The ideal candidate will have the following attributes:

  • Clear understanding of (or strong commitment to learn about) non-profit governance
  • Strategic thinking and the ability to contribute to the strategic plan
  • Visionary: able to see the organization in broad terms
  • Ability to work as part of a team and communicate effectively

Volunteers who contribute their time and knowledge as a Board Member benefit from opportunities too

  • Influence the future growth and success of Burnaby Hospice Society
  • Develop personal leadership through committees and/or projects of the Board
  • Network in the Healthcare and “Not for Profit”  sectors
  • Build strategic and visionary thinking skills; and
  • Spark individual creativity.


  • Commit to the mission and vision of The Burnaby Hospice Society
  • Contribute in the areas of board governance, strategic planning, finance, human resources and/or resource development (human and capital)
  • Prepare for and attend monthly board meetings
  • Serve on a committee(s)
  • Support special events as required
  • Act as an ambassador of The Burnaby Hospice Society to external stakeholders


Approximately 5 – 10 hours per month

Board meetings are held monthly and typically last 90 minutes. Directors are expected to read all materials in advance and come prepared to contribute to the discussion.

Board members are also expected to serve on one or more committees, which would involve attending additional meetings and working on deliverables between meetings.


Please submit a cover letter and resume to :

The deadline to apply is February 28th, 2021.

Thank you so much for your interest in the BHS