Business Resource Guidebook

With a vibrant urban economy and a central location, Burnaby is the ideal place to start a new business.

The below resources and links form our online Business Resource Guidebook, which is an introductory aid to help with planning and starting a new business.

Click here to download the pdf version of the Business Resource Guidebook.  

Resources are grouped based on the life-cycle of a new business, from the idea stage to growing and expanding the company.  Click on each section below to access a host of useful tools, articles, databases and contacts to help you get your business started successfully.

Find resources to help you research your new
business, the demographics of potential
customers, and the economic conditions
facing business where you are.

Access information on how to structure your
business and templates and guides for writing
an effective business plan to serve as a road
map for your business success.

Access information on the various government
registrations, permits and licenses required
to operate a business in Burnaby, BC, and

Find valuable connections to financing options
to help fund your business. Access government
grants and funding programs, as well as various
options for loans.

Find information on available commercial
properties in Burnaby, plus information on office
space and co-working options.

Access useful resources on how to write a
marketing plan and effectively promote your

Access various resources to assist you in hiring
employees to work in your business, including
information on payroll deductions, WorkSafeBC,
recruitment services, and employment funding

Avail yourself of this suite of resources on how
to start importing and exporting in your business,
including useful step-by-step guides and a roster
of international business and trade connections.

When the time is right to move on to your next
challenge or opportunity, find resources on how
to exit your business, either by dissolution or by
selling your company.


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*The information and resources provided above are designed as an introductory guide to starting a small business. It does not constitute legal advice, and should not be considered as such. For such advice regarding starting a business, we suggest contacting a business lawyer as part of your planning process.