Certificates of Origin

Certificates of Origin are shipping documents that are sometimes necessary requirements when exporting goods to certain countries. Often, these documents need to be certified by a Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade.

The BBOT’s Business Services Desk can provide our stamp, seal and signature to certify Certificates of Origin for your exporting needs.

Please format your certificates of origin according to our standard template. Click here to download the template and instructions.

Preferred rates are given to Burnaby Board of Trade members.

Our rates are as follows:

$15.00 + Tax for up to 10 pages
$1.00 + Tax per each additional page

$50.00 + Tax for up to 10 pages
$3.00 + Tax per each additional page

All documents to be certified by the Burnaby Board of Trade must be either individually notarized or accompanied by a notarized Letter of Waiver indemnifying the BBOT from any issues arising from the documents. You can download a Letter of Waiver Template by clicking here.

For questions regarding certificates of origin and other document certification, please contact us at 604-412-0100.