Shaw Communications – Connect it. They’ll come.


As the Burnaby Board of Trade supports businesses with economic recovery, government advocacy, and business connections, we are happy to announce an exclusive partnership from Shaw Communications Inc. only for members. As a key service provider within our community, Shaw is monitoring its networks and systems closely, increasing upload ‘in the home’ with quick and easy self-connect instructions. As contact centers remain ready to respond, we are here to help you.

We know that the needs in all of your businesses are changing rapidly. As many organizations move to a work-from-home program we are here to get you connected. Shaw’s local team of advisors can provide you with technology recommendations, flexible options, and fast response.

We understand that two of the biggest concerns these days are:

  1. How can my business/organization save money?
  2. How can my company be in the best possible position to do business under these changing times?

Shaw has a number of collaborative solutions to help keep your employees and business connected and secure.

  1. As a Burnaby Board of Trade  member and an existing Shaw Residential Shaw customer, we can take a look at your current services and provide you with recommended solutions to meet your financial and doing business.
  2. As a Burnaby Board of Trade member, if your residential services are currently with another service provider, Shaw can customize a business service plan for your work-from-home environment to help you save money while having the best in class services to meet your business needs.
  3. Whether your business is still up and running or temperately shut down, Shaw can provide you with a number of flexible business options, that will help ensure you sustain your current working environment and prepare you for “Back-To-Business” when restrictions around COVID-19 start to lift.

The Burnaby Board of Trade & Shaw understand your business connectivity is critical, which is why we want to ensure your needs are met. Shaw has the ability to increase your remote user’s bandwidth while providing flexible payment solutions with manageable contract terms. If any of you are interested in learning more about these solutions, please contact Pascal Rollmann at

Shaw will require the following information:

Organization Name:
Contact Name:
Contact Phone number:
Contact Email Address:

Upon receiving this information, Shaw will assign one of its Business Sales Consultants (BSC), and their corresponding Manager to the organization, as Account Managers. This will be your assigned account team, who will assess your organization’s current situation and make recommendations as to what services best suit your current business needs.

We are here to help you through these changing times.