Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from large buildings in the Metro Vancouver region

Metro Van Large Buildings Emissions Reduction

Do you operate a building in the Metro Vancouver region?

Metro Vancouver is developing an approach to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from large buildings in the region. Large buildings are defined as measuring over 25,000 ft2 (2,322 m2) and include residential, commercial, office, and institutional buildings across the region.

The proposed approach would require building owners to report the GHG emissions from their buildings on an annual basis, and to ensure that emissions fall below limits established by Metro Vancouver for specified building types and sizes.

Metro Vancouver has released a discussion paper which describes the proposed approach in detail. There’s also a five-minute video walking you through the highlights.

Metro Vancouver is welcoming input from those likely to comments, be impacted or have a role in implementation. Your feedback can help shape the development of the approach to reduce emissions from large buildings.

Ways to share your input: