Provincial Health Orders Banning Private Gatherings, Events; Mandates Masks


Provincial Health Order is in effect until February 5, 2021.

There are current provincial health orders that impact all households and some businesses in Burnaby, and across both the Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health regions (Vancouver, North Shore, Richmond east through to Hope).

These orders require reductions in social interactions, requires the use of masks in public spaces, prohibit certain business activities and events, and require businesses to redouble COVID-19 safety protocols.

This order does NOT close restaurants.  You CAN still visit restaurants with people who live with you in your household.

This order does NOT impact home services (repairs, plumbers, etc) or personal services provided in a home (hair care, health services, etc).

Read the full order and details here, or review the highlights below.

Summary of the Public Health Order:
    • Employers must review their COVID-19 Safety Plans to ensure that they adequately protect
      workers from the transmission of COVID-19 in the workplace and are consistent with
      WorkSafeBC requirements.
    • Employers¬†must ensure that the worker has done a daily health check for the symptoms of COVID-19, and if not completed the worker cannot work at the workplace (this explicitly does not refer to working-at-home)
    • Working from home is encouraged generally if it is feasible, and employers are asked to delay bringing workers back to the office until the new year
    • Employers must ensure that their COVID-19 Safety Plan includes measures to prevent workers
      from crowding together or congregating in higher risk spaces, including elevators, lobbies,
      stairwells, corridors, bathrooms, break rooms and kitchens.
    • All community and social events suspended even if they’re under 50 people and even if they are held in a business or other controlled setting with safety protocols in place
    • Wearing masks or face-coverings will be mandated in all indoor public and retail spaces for staff and customers, except where eating or drinking. In offices and workplaces, those working at a personal desk will not need to wear a mask but in any common areas or shared worked spaces, they will be required.
    • Indoor group physical activities which are intense — such as crossfit, hot yoga, etc — must stop until further notice. All other, less-intense group physical activities can continue once they update their COVID-19 plans to meet new guidelines that are being posted (Guidelines)
    • You may not have anyone at your private residence or vacation accommodation, either inside or
      outside, if that person does not live with you.
    • No one is to be at anyone else’s private residence or vacation accommodation,
      either inside or outside.
    • Despite this, if a person lives on their own they may have up to two other people present at their private residence or vacation accommodation, if the other persons are individuals with whom the resident regularly interacts.
    • No person or municipality may provide or host and no person may participate in an indoor
      sport unless the sport involves no physical contact between the participants.
    • No person may attend as a spectator at an indoor sport activity unless this is necessary to
      provide care to a participant.
    • Party buses and group limousines are banned from operating until further notice.
    • Traveling into or out of these regions is also being discouraged except for essential services such as medical appointments. Travel for sports is suspended.