Marketing in 2020 – What You Need to Know


Date: Tuesday Dec 3, 2019
Time: 12:15pm – 1:15pm
Location: Central Park Business Centre
Cost: FREE
Snacks: Light Snack and Coffee will be provided to attendees

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What’s it About?

As 2019 is coming to the end, let’s explore the upcoming trends that will shape the marketing industry and how they may impact your business.

We will discuss on these trends:

  • Shoppable Posts / Content Marketing
  • VR / AR and Interactive Content
  • Personalization
  • Video Marketing
  • Position zero
  • Chatbots / Private Message Apps
  • Voice Search

Speaker’s Bio

Humphrey Ng is the owner and digital marketing specialist of Juuga Marketing, a Vancouver-based marketing agency focused on B2C businesses. His passion in data brings insight and clarity to business owners and marketing managers.
Humphrey is an active member of both the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, and Burnaby Board of Trade.

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