Lawn Watering Regulations for Homes and Businesses in effect May 1

Metro Vancouver lawn watering regulations

Metro Vancouver is introducing enhanced seasonal lawn watering regulations for homes and businesses in order to better conserve the region’s drinking water during the hot, dry summer months.

Lawn watering regulations will be in place May 1 until October 15.

What you need to know:

  • Lawn watering is now only permitted one morning per week during Stage 1 for residents and businesses, with designated days determined by property address and type
  • Trees, shrubs, and flowers may be watered in the morning when using a sprinkler, or any time when hand watered or using drip irrigation
  • Edible plants are exempt from the regulations
  • If we need to go to Stage 2, no lawn watering will be permitted for residential and non-residential properties

Find your designated days and times to water using our When Can I Water tool.

Lawn watering regulations reduce outdoor water use during the summer and ensure it is saved for where it is needed most: for cooking, cleaning, and drinking.

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