Join the Social Purpose Spring Innovators Cohort



The Social Purpose Institute is kicking off its Spring 2021 Innovators cohort.

The  Innovators Lab series brings together a group of 8-10 like minded businesses to go through a series of 6 sessions (1 Kick-Off, 4 Labs and a Wrap-Up session).  In these sessions, businesses are taken through the process of clearly defining and articulating their company’s Social Purpose.

Social Purpose is an aspirational goal or vision that employees, customers and community can rally around. It provides a focus for your societal initiatives and creates a path to amplify and innovate around your company’s role in society. And of course It creates incredible goodwill with all your stakeholders, contributes to your internal culture, creates loyal customers, among other benefits.

The next cohort of Innovators kicks off in the Spring of 2021.  Labs are delivered virtually for the next months so it’s the perfect time to participate remotely. For more information on the spring program click here.

The Burnaby Board of Trade and the Social Purpose Institute have formed a unique strategic partnership to grow Burnaby as a centre of excellence for the development of social purpose in business. Read more here.

For more information, please contact:

Monika Marcovici | Social Purpose Strategist | | 604 294-8929 ext. 2254 |