Beedie Luminaries – Hire the Future. Hire an Intern.

Beedie Luminaries - Hire an Intern

The Beedie Luminaries Foundation is looking for partners interested in offering student internships (12-16 weeks). Our student cohorts include young adults (Year 1-3 post-secondary students) as well as mature learners from our SPARK Program (Single Parents).

Hiring interns can be beneficial to both a company and the intern seeking to gain real-world, practical experience.

Here are just some of the benefits of hiring interns:

  • Fill your talent pipeline
  • Diversify your workforce
  • Get fresh ideas from the classroom
  • Complete a specific project
  • Cover vacations
  • Give back to the community

To learn more, please email to discuss opportunities and how you can become part of this visionary network of leaders making a real difference.

Beedie Luminaries students are enthusiastic and ready to prove themselves. Give them the opportunity to shine!