COVID-19/Coronavirus Statement from Burnaby Board of Trade – Supporting Local Business, Exercising Reasonable Precautions

March 11, 2020 — As of this afternoon, the Public Health Agency of Canada continues to report “the public health risk associated with COVID-19 as low for the general population.”

Until such time as that changes, the Burnaby Board of Trade (BBOT) is urging our network and community to support local businesses impacted by economic challenges caused by the virus by looking to do business with a BBOT member first. We also encourage everyone to exercise reasonable precautions and planning in light of this pandemic.

While it is important to treat the COVID-19 pandemic with seriousness, (click here to visit our COVID-19 page with resources and updates) it is also important not to compound the real challenges this virus is causing our business community by unduly curtailing and restricting our own activities locally.

Economic Challenges and Supporting Fellow Members

Two weeks ago, the BBOT joined public health officials and government representatives in encouraging COVID-19 precautions, but urging the public to still patronize local businesses. Since then, the BBOT has continued to hear from members facing declines in business.

The fundamental reason why the BBOT exists is to support our local business community. We believe deeply that the strength of local business and of our broader community are intimately linked. Therefore, particularly in challenging times like these, we need to support one another.

That’s why the BBOT is urging everyone in our network and in our community to support local businesses and to do business with a BBOT member first.

From booking a meeting in one of our local hotels, to visiting a Burnaby restaurant, to sourcing your next project from a member printer, the positive impact of members doing business with members is powerful. We encourage you to click here to search through our 1,100 member businesses!

Exercising Reasonable Precautions & Planning

In regards to COVID-19, reasonable precautions that are recommended by health authorities to limit the spread of this virus include:

  • Washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds;
  • Avoiding touching your eyes, nose or mouth, especially with unwashed hands;
  • Avoiding close contact with people who are sick;
  • Coughing or sneezing into your sleeve and not into your hands or into the air;
  • Staying home if you are unwell to avoid spreading illness to others

The BBOT has compiled a number of useful resources on our COVID-19 update page, including suggested precautions and preparations, what to do if you’re sick, and how to prepare your business for possible disruptions.

The BBOT will continue to monitor COVID-19 and its developments, and any potential impacts on broader economic activity or on BBOT programming. We will continue to communicate with you to provide resources and information to help protect and support you, your businesses, and our community.