City wins Burnaby A-List Awards in a dozen categories

Burnaby Now A-List

The City of Burnaby is honoured to receive 12 first-place awards in the annual Burnaby Now 2022 A-List, where Burnaby residents vote for what they love about their city.

“There are so many incredible things to see and do in Burnaby, and so many businesses and services that make this community such a special place to live,” said Mayor Mike Hurley. “The A-list is a fantastic resource in our community, and I encourage all Burnaby residents to take some time to explore some of the highlights of this list.”

It’s clear, people love the City of Burnaby’s parks and arts, historic and cultural facilities, which were recognized with first-place showings in categories like Favourite Place to Bring a Tourist, Favourite Sports Facility, and Favourite Place to Walk Your Dog.

See the 12 City of Burnaby 2022 A-List Winners here.

Presented by Burnaby Now, the annual awards program encourages residents to nominate who they think does it best in nearly 180 categories.

Congratulations to the many Burnaby Board of Trade members that made the list. More on the list of BBOT member winners and finalists coming soon!

View the Burnaby Now A-List 2022 publication here.