City of Burnaby Expands New Program to Allow Patios, Retail Use on Sidewalks and Outdoor Spaces

The City of Burnaby is supporting local businesses by offering them a chance to apply for room to adapt to physical distancing measures, safely, by temporarily expanding their operations in public space within their current capacity limit.

Under the current physical distancing guidelines, space is at a premium for businesses. The new Active Sidewalks, Open Businesses program will permit local businesses to temporarily (until October 31, 2020) add outdoor seating or otherwise expand into outdoor spaces. This space can provide more room for patrons to maintain physical distancing, while reducing permanent business losses in the community. Expansion of business operations currently applies to City owned sidewalks (public space). Expansion to other open space within private property is currently under consideration by the City.

“Local businesses form the fabric of our community in Burnaby, and it is important that we do all we can to support them in their time of need,” said Mayor Mike Hurley. “The business community in Burnaby has advocated for this program, and we have moved quickly to get this done.”

Businesses may apply to use this space for:

  • restaurant seating;
  • merchant displays (e.g. racks, outdoor tables, etc.);
  • a pick-up/drop-off kiosk or customer queuing; or
  • other uses (applications reviewed on a case-by-case basis).

To take advantage of the Active Sidewalks, Open Businesses program, business operators will need to submit an application. The City has created an expedited system to process applications as quickly as possible. A detailed guide to submitting an application can be found online at

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