BBOT Membership Competition — Call for Partner Charity Submissions


The Burnaby Board of Trade is now accepting submissions from organizations interested in being the Partner Charity at the BBOT’s 2018 Membership Competition.

The Burnaby Board of Trade is looking for four charities to partner with on this year’s Membership Competition. The competition will see four teams competing to bring in the most memberships in the month of June. Each team will be led by a captain from our Board of Directors or the BBOT membership as well as a charity liaison. $100 from each membership sold will be donated to the charity partner leading the selling team. The winning team will also receive a bonus donation calculated by the total number of memberships sold.

The Partner Charity must be:

  • a charity or non-profit organization
  • a BBOT member
  • willing to help cheerleading your team, attending potential team meetings, and supporting member generation efforts
  • willing to attend both the orientation and wrap-up events

Interested organizations should submit the following information by May 11 to the attention of Marisol Sanchez by email ( or fax (604.412.0102):

·         Name of Organization
·         Contact Information
·         Explanation of how the funds raised would benefit your organization
·         How your involvement could help the Member Drive be successful
·         Contact Person
·         Description of the services/programs your organization provides and
your specific involvement with and impact on the Burnaby community
·         Any other relevant information

All submissions which meet the criteria will then be shown to the Member Drive teams who will choose their charity of choice. All applicants will be contacted once a decision has been made.