Burnaby Board of Trade Provides Certificates of Origin for Exporting

To drive future economic growth, we need more companies to look internationally and export goods and products abroad. That’s why the Burnaby Board of Trade offers on-demand Certificates of Origin to help get your products accepted through borders and customs offices around the world.

Certificates of Origin are shipping documents that are sometimes necessary when exporting goods to certain countries.  In some instances, goods will not be allowed into a country without an accompanying Certificate of Origin stating the nature of the goods and where they were manufactured.

The Burnaby Board of Trade is able to provide Certificate of Origin templates to local businesses, and offers our stamp, seal and signature to certify these documents for your exporting needs.  Certificates of Origin are offered on-demand at our Kingsway office, either directly in-person or via courier drop-off and pick-up.

For more information, visit our Certificates of Origin webpage, or contact us at 604-412-0100 or admin@bbot.ca