Burnaby Board of Trade Joins Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Leaders in Supporting Local Businesses Impacted By Coronavirus

On Friday, February 21, the Burnaby Board of Trade joined BC Minister of Health Adrian Dix, Mayor Mike Hurley, and several local MLAs, MPs, and CIty Councillors in calling for the community to support local businesses in the face of concerns involving the coronavirus.

The Burnaby Board of Trade joined the government leaders in visiting merchants and vendors at The Crystal Mall, many of whom have faced significant declines in business as residents limit visits to public places such as malls, restaurants and shops out of misplaced concern around the virus.  In addition, unfounded rumours regarding the virus have targeted some businesses and subjected them to even greater declines.  At the event, the Minister of Health urged people to shop and conduct business as usual, and that there was no need to avoid public places.

Speaking to the media and members of the public, the Burnaby Board of Trade acknowledged that “some precaution is fine, but we don’t need panic and we don’t need prejudice. The merchants in Crystal Mall are an important part of our business community, and are an important part of our community in general, and we encourage everyone to join us in supporting them.”