BC Moves to Step 3 of the Restart Plan on July 1

Starting July 1, the province will enter step 3 of the BC Restart Plan and a host of restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic will be loosened or repealed impacting business operations and social interactions.   The final step, Step 4, is expected on September 7.

To read the full Restart Plan, click here.

For the latest information on the public health restrictions due to COVID-19, click here. 

As of July 1 the following changes are enacted:


Masks will be recommended for those who are not fully vaccinated,  but will not be mandatory in public spaces.  ‘Fully vaccinated’ means 14-days after receiving a second dose of the vaccine.

Businesses can still recommend mask use in their places of business for employers or customers.

Offices and Workplaces

Return to in-person work can continue and new Communicable Disease Plans should be developed and implemented for all employers.

Recreational Travel

BC will allow recreational travel and tourism from the rest of Canada.

Private Social Gatherings

No restrictions on personal social gatherings


Allowed capacity will be increased for both indoor and outdoor events.  Within other potential restrictions, capacity for outdoor events will be up to 5,000 people and indoor event capacity will be 50 people or 50% of the room capacity, whichever is greater.

Fairs, festivals and tradeshows can be held as normal with safety plans in place.


Casinos and bingo halls will be able to open.  Find a local BBOT member casino

Indoor Dining

No restrictions on restaurants and bars.  Groups larger than 6 can again be served.  Liquor service hours will return to normal. No socializing will be allowed between tables.  Find a local BBOT member restaurant, pub or café.


All indoor group fitness allowed with regular capacity.   Find a local BBOT member fitness facility or rec centre.


Limited numbers of spectators will now be allowed for indoor sports.