Access Student Help For Your Business with BCIT Internships and Practicums

The BCIT School of Business internship and practicum programs provide organizations with students ready and eager to apply their skills in the workplace.  Students in these placements are in the final phase of their studies and have skills ready to be applied in your business.  From marketing and social media to videos and websites, BCIT internship and practicum students can bring a lot of value to your organization.

The Burnaby Board of Trade has successfully worked with BCIT intern students before on past projects and encourages our members to explore this program.

BCIT internships and practicums vary in length and student specialization. To apply for a student intern, visit one of the pages below and call or email the contact person listed on the page.

Marketing Communications 9 Weeks / 4 Days a Week
New Media Design & Web Development 9 Weeks / 5 Days a Week
Digital Design and Development 8 Weeks / 4 Days a Week
Graphic Communications Technology Management 2 & 6 Weeks / 5 Days a Week
Radio Arts & Entertainment 4 Weeks / 5 Days a Week
Television & Video Production 4 Weeks / 5 Days a Week
Broadcast and Online Journalism 4 Weeks / 5 Days a Week


Entrepreneurship 10 Weeks / 2 Days a Week
Professional Sales 10 Weeks / 2 Days a Week
Tourism Management 10 Weeks / 4 Days a Week