2020-2021 Burnaby Business Magazine and Business Directory Now Online!


The 2020-2021 Burnaby Business Magazine and Business Directory is now available online.  Click here to read and review! 

This magazine, which is also being sent in print to all Burnaby Board of Trade members, is full of inspiring stories on Burnaby’s business community and the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Plus, it contains a full listing of all Burnaby Board of Trade member businesses, providing an easy, on-stop guide to engaged, local businesses.

The Directory contains names and contact information for 1,100 Burnaby businesses and organizations. Use the Directory as a handy buying guide to help you support local businesses and find suppliers and vendors who are close to home and part of your community.

Throughout the Magazine, read about major companies that are betting on Burnaby’s future, discover local businesses that pivoted to meet the challenges of COVID-19, and learn about the efforts to build resilience into our local economy going forward.

Physical copies will be available are future Burnaby Board of Trade events and for pick-up at the BBOT’s Kingsway office.