City Regulations & Bylaws

Below are a list of the most relevant City of Burnaby regulations and bylaws affecting businesses:

Rezoning your Property – If you want to use your property for a purpose other than what it is currently designated for by the City you may need to rezone it

Building Permits – All the information relevant to construction, repairs, additions, etc. can be found here

Home-Based Businesses – Home-based businesses are allowed but may have special rules/regulations

Business Licenses – All businesses require a business license to conduct commercial activities in Burnaby

Inter-Municipality Business Licenses – Business which are in the trades/construction sector and do business in more than one city may be eligible for this convenient new regional license

Commercial Vehicle Licenses – Any commercial vehicle or vehicle used to pick up/deliver commercial goods requires a license

Signs – The City regulates the erection of most signage that is used by businesses

Biz-Pal Interactive Permit/License System – This interactive online system can help you determine all the possible licenses and permits you may need to operate any kind of business in any city