Our COVID-19 Safety Plan

As the health and safety of our employees, our members, and our office visitors is of great importance to us, this COVID-19 Safety Plan outlines the measures we have taken to safeguard the health of all who visit the BBOT offices.   This plan will remain in place as long as is required by order of the Public Health Officer.

Office Capacity, Engineering and Distance

We are limiting the number of people physically present in our offices and implementing measures to ensure physical distancing to ensure everyone’s safety, including:

  • BBOT staff will continue with existing hybrid work schedules, with some staff working remotely each day, in the goal of having no more than 6 employees in the office at any one time.
  • Capacity limits for the office overall, and for individual rooms in the office, have been established and posted.
  • A physical barrier is installed on our front reception desk between BBOT staff and visitors.
  • Our waiting area capacity has been reduced and shared items (magazines, newspapers) and refreshments (coffee/tea/water) are not being offered at this time to visitors.
  • We have ensured the HVAC system in the building is operating correctly, and have added a supplemental air filter to add further protection.
  • Staff have been directed to ensure they maintain 6 feet/2 metres of distance between them and other staff/visitors.

Administrative and Policy Guidelines

We are using administrative guidelines and organizational policies to ensure safe behaviour and protect the health and safety of our office.

  • All staff are required to complete a health survey before starting each in-office shift to ensure they are not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 and should not be in the office.
  • All staff have been directed to maintain 6 feet/2 metres of distance from others at all times when in the office.
  • In accordance with the Provincial Health Order, the wearing of face masks is required at all times when moving about the office, or when unable to maintain 6 feet/2 metres of distance from others. Guidance on how to wear masks has been provided. 3-play masks are recommended over cloth masks, and these are made available to all staff and visitors.
  • Staff have been reminded that they are entitled to 5 paid sick days and are not to report to the workplace if they have symptoms of any communicable disease, including but not limited to COVID-19. Staff should refer to the BBOT Employee Manual for further information.
  • The Burnaby Board of Trade encourages all staff to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Should staff require time off to attend to a vaccination appointment during work hours, that time shall be provided as paid time off in accordance with provincial regulation.

Office Cleanliness and Sanitation

We are taking steps to ensure our office is kept clean, is regularly disinfected, and the risk of transmission is kept low including:

  • The office is cleaned with disinfectant cleaners on a regular schedule, and high-traffic areas or items such as the credit card processing terminal and the reception area are cleaned and disinfected after each use or visit.
  • Hand sanitizer is available for all visitors and employees at stations throughout the office, and staff have access to hand washing facilities and are encouraged to use them frequently.
  • Single-use cups and cutlery have been provided to replace all shared