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The Burnaby Board of Trade

Catalyst, Convener, Champion

The Voice for Business in Burnaby


To find out more about the Burnaby Board of Trade and our mission, contact us at 604-412-0100, email admin@bbot.ca or attend one of our upcoming Membership Info Sessions. 

At the Burnaby Board of Trade we understand that you cannot separate the health of business from the health of the community in which it operates. It is from this understanding that we draw our commitment to the triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental sustainability, and fulfill our vital role as the catalyst, convener and champion of a thriving business community—and a community as a whole.

With our unique position as the economic development partner for the City of Burnaby, the Burnaby Board of Trade is positioned to spark economic growth by attracting new businesses to our community, supporting new ones, and removing barriers to growth for all.  As a catalyst of business interests, we are a critical partner in growing the businesses, and the business leaders, who create jobs that help our community thrive.

Our role as a trusted convener and connector for local businesses and the community at large, is central to the work we do.  In fact, in today’s world where people and communities are increasingly divided, the Burnaby Board of Trade’s ability to convene diverse interests, is more vital than ever before.

More importantly, The Burnaby Board of Trade takes pride in being the champion for business by providing resources, connections and by advocating on behalf of their interests with all levels of government. We know firsthand that when business works together, we are stronger and our efforts are more impactful.

As a chamber of the 21st century, we are always reflecting on why we exist, how we can deliver on our promise and what the world looks like when we succeed.  Your support, helps us do the important work of creating a thriving community for all.