Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee identifies important issues and represents the views of the business community on matters relevant to the BBOT membership, as well as providing a forum for members to engage with elected representatives, government officials and third parties. The GRC regularly meets with representatives from all levels of government to identify, research and discuss salient issues in the business community, such as transportation and employment & training.

Mike Kaerne (Chair), HollyNorth Production Supplies
Brad Alden, BBOT Governor
Lee-Ann Garnett, City of Burnaby
Andrew Peterson, Beedie Development Group
Nicole Rogers, Simon Fraser University
Andrew Scott, BC International Commercial Arbitration Centre
Paula Skaper, Kinetix Media Communications
Paul Holden, Burnaby Board of Trade
Cory Redekop, Burnaby Board of Trade

Committee Updates:

To see the recent policies and statements of the Government Relations Committee, please see our Advocacy section.