ESG Fundamentals Microcredential

ESG Fundamentals Microcredential


Your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy, metrics, and reporting communicate what you value and determine your organization’s impacts.
This ESG Fundamentals microcredential provides participants with an opportunity to investigate environmental, social, and governance impacts and develop a strategy to act on your values. Top talent is choosing careers that enable alignment between personal values and professional aspirations. The ESG Fundamentals Microcredential is designed to grow the community of professionals who:
  • Understand the ESG impact areas
  • Can identify the ESG factors that are material to an organization
  • Can meaningfully engage relevant stakeholders to ensure actions are inclusive and evidence-based
  • Are equipped to act now to maximize the positive and minimize the negative ESG impacts at organizations of all sizes
Amidst a global reframing of value and rising expectations of action and progress on justice and climate-related goals, business is a vital ingredient in the transition to a net-zero, healthy, inclusive, and regenerative economy.
Join us for the ESG Fundamentals Microcredential to design (or develop the next phase of) your individual and organizational ESG Roadmap to be part of the just transition to a regenerative economy.

Program Structure

The ESG Fundamentals Microcredential includes 5 workshops:

  • All workshops contain 3 hours of in-class delivery and 4-6 hours of asynchronous work including meetings with organizational stakeholders and completing/submitting assignments
  • Badges are graded; satisfactory completion is required to earn each badge
  • ESG Fundamentals-Workshop 1 is required* to proceed in the program
  • Completion of microcredential is optional, and requires successful completion of all 4 badges
  • Participant maximum of 24

Program Syllabus

ESG Program Syllabus

Program Schedule

Dates: Stay tuned. NEW program schedule coming soon.

Cost: $1,650 for Bbot members; $2,200 for non-members


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What are Microcredentials?

Microcredentials are short training programs that help you quickly master news skills and gain knowledge essential in Canadian industries. Microcredentials are often made up of badges: smaller components that build into a microcredential. The ESG Fundamentals Microcredential is built and delivered by BCIT Business + Media. This microcredential is made up of four badges:
  • Governance Impact Badge
  • Social Impact Badge
  • Environmental Impact Badge
  • ESG Roadmap Badge
These four badges are each 0.5 BCIT credits and add up to a 2.0 credit microcredential. Upon successful completion, participants are issued digital badges and a digital microcredential that can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile to showcase your ESG impact knowledge and experience. These digital badges and microcredential signal your commitment to work towards an inclusive, sustainable, and regenerative economy.

About the Instructors

Instructors bring real world expertise into the classroom with curriculum developed with industry input.
Amy Fell, BCIT Faculty
Amy Fell (she/her), MA, leads Corporate and Industry Training for the School of Business and Media and is Program Head of the Advanced Diploma in Business Management. Amy believes that the answers to organizational challenges lie in unlocking the aspiration of employees. Her work aims to enable individuals, teams and organizations to connect the ‘why and how’ of organizational pursuits in service of people, productivity, purpose and the planet.
Tessa Jordan, BCIT Faculty
Tessa Jordan (she/her), PhD, is Program Head for the Sustainable Business Leadership and Faculty in the Communication Department at BCIT. Tessa specializes in business communications and values-based business with a focus on how the private sector can create and communicate social and environmental value to support the just transition to a regenerative economy.

What you will learn?

  • Explore the rise of ESG strategy and discover its connection to CSR, sustainability, social responsibility, and impact movements.
  • Learn how to apply organizational behaviour and change leadership principles to design and enable an ESG strategy.
  • Identify the role of materiality assessments in determining high-impact ESG opportunities.
  • Understand how stakeholder engagement fuels governance, social, and environmental actions and impacts.
  • Develop an ESG Roadmap that outlines your ESG strategy and drives collaborative action that maximizes positive impacts and minimizes negative impacts.
  • Learn how to identify the specific tools and frameworks that will be most useful to your core business (e.g. SASB, GRI, ISO, CCAB, TCFD, SDGs, B Corp, sector-specific standards, etc.).

Who will benefit from this program?

  • Business leaders and individuals looking to act on their commitment to building an inclusive, sustainable, and regenerative economy through mapping an initial ESG strategy
  • Organizations of all sizes seeking to understand their environmental, social, and governance impacts and begin to map an ESG strategy to maximize positive and minimize negative impacts
  • Individuals who are ready to chart their course to impact ESG outcomes for their organization and build their skillset so they are qualified for advancement within and beyond their current organization
  • Business leaders and individuals at any level of an organization who are at the beginning of the ESG journey as well as those looking to advance their knowledge and impact through acquiring new tools and broadening their network


The purpose of this microcredential is to enable participants to understand and act on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) factors to generate positive impacts for their teams, organizations and all stakeholders. This microcredential enables participants to develop ESG strategies and actions – the fuel for our collective ESG journey. These sessions are designed to enable participants to identify: what they already do well, what they can do more of, what needs to change and strategies that can be put into place to act on these insights.

The demand from clients, customers, shareholders and communities for companies and service organizations to have concrete plans addressing climate change and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is at an all-time high. “Six of Canada’s largest banks have…committed to aligning their lending and investment portfolios with net-zero emissions by 2050” (Canadian Bankers Association, Oct 19, 2021). This microcredential helps participants identify priorities and establish a plan to make a meaningful contribution toward a more inclusive, sustainable, and regenerative economy.

The ESG Fundamentals program is designed to meet participants where they are as a CEO, Founder, Board Member, Director or Front-Line Staff member. Welcoming a diverse representation of organizational roles and responsibilities enables participants to bring their experience, expertise and curious questions revealing the current reality and organizational potential to navigate identified changes. The curriculum is designed to generate debate, ignite collaboration and fuel innovative thinking in pursuit of collective progress toward identifying ways to do less harm and more good through action taken by organizations. Participants will learn the fundamentals of environmental, social and governance factors and the role they play in “building back better” as well as develop leadership and change management skills to lead implementation. In the final workshop, participants present their action plan and commitment to acting on their ESG Roadmap to the cohort.