Business Walks

As part of it’s economic development mandate, the Burnaby Board of Trade periodically conducts Business Walks to visit different business districts throughout the city.

A Business Walk is an economic development activity which involves visiting businesses of all sizes and sectors in person, door-to-door, to get input on how their business is performing, get their impression of the business climate in the city, and identify both areas of strength and potential issues or obstacles.

2017 Big Bend/Glenlyon Business Walk

Our most recent Business Walk was conducted on November 28th, 2017 in the Big Bend/Glenlyon district in south Burnaby. 72 businesses were interviewed across the Big Bend/Glenlyon district to gauge their feelings about doing business in Burnaby. The area is home to several business parks and industrial estates and focuses on providing high quality office, research and light industrial spaces, which provided a diverse group of respondent businesses.   Read the outcome of this Business Walk in the Burnaby Business Sentiment Report – Big Bend/Glenlyon District. 

The 2017 Big Bend/Glenlyon Business Walk was supported by:




The Burnaby Board of Trade would like to thank TD for its support of the Business Walk and acknowledges that support for this project does not necessarily imply TD’s endorsement of any of its findings or content.


The input gathered from these business walks is used to create a Business Sentiment Report of the area. The below documents details the results of the BBOT’s previous Business Walks in Burnaby’s Lake City-Production Way and Henning Drive districts:

Lake City-Production Way Business Walk — 2016

Henning Drive Business Walk – 2014