The BBOT Celebrates Earth Day with a Special Promotion!

New members to the BBOT as well as renewing members who take The Pledge for a Sustainable Community will receive some great perks and benefits!

Take the Pledge in the month of April and receive:

  • No administration fee
  • Company Spotlight in the Burnaby NOW
  • Free BBOT name tag
  • Free enhanced listing

Many businesses are already taking steps to help reduce waste and energy in their operations by doing simple things like:

  • Setting printers to double-sided which can reduce up to 50% of paper waste per year.
  • Posting reminders next to light switches or installing occupancy sensors to keep lights off in unused areas can save about 25% of lighting energy.
  • Composting food waste that can help save over 50% of food that ends up in the landfill.

The fact is, you’re probably already doing some great and easy things so why not let your employees, customers, stakeholders and community know about your successes!

Join over 150 businesses who have taken The Pledge for a Sustainable Community. It’s a free and comprehensive online resource with the goal of helping businesses large and small reduce their environmental footprint while at the same time promoting their company and even saving money.

Visit to learn more or contact Tessa Vanderkop by phone at 604-412-0100 or through email at