About our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors help to promote and raise awareness of the Burnaby Board of Trade (BBOT) by welcoming and connecting with new and prospective members in our business community. Ambassadors are members in good-standing and are well versed in the benefits, services and opportunities provided by the BBOT.

Role and duties of an Ambassador:

  • Make welcoming phone calls to new members on behalf of the Burnaby Board of Trade’s membership.
  • Welcome new and prospective members at BBOT events, introduce them to key contacts, and help them network.
  • Promote new recruitment for the BBOT in day to day business dealings.
  • Contact under-engaged members to encourage greater participation with the BBOT.

Benefits of being an Ambassador:

  • Get exposure on bbot.ca including your name, organization, web link, and picture.
  • Receive a free Online Directory Enhanced Listing upgrade
  • Grow your community profile through regular attendance at marque BBOT events
  • Feel good about helping to build a stronger, more vibrant business community in Burnaby.

Commitment of an Ambassador:

  • Make monthly service phone calls
  • Attend one event per month
  • Attend membership draws and other special events
  • Attend monthly meetings

How to become an Ambassador:

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please contact Paul Holden at paul@bbot.ca or call 604.412.0100.