Advocacy Efforts Rewarded – Family Day Moved to 3rd Monday of February

The Burnaby Board of Trade (BBOT) is pleased with the province’s announcement today that it would be moving British Columbia’s Family Day from the 2nd Monday in February to the 3rd, thereby aligning it with other jurisdictions across the country.

The BBOT has long advocated on this issue on behalf of its membership. A survey by the BBOT of its members on this issue generated the largest ever member response, and showed that, of those businesses with a preference, fully 90% preferred Family Day be moved to the 3rd Monday in February to align with the holidays in other jurisdictions. For companies which conduct business in other parts of Canada or in the United States, this misalignment of holidays has created a barrier to commerce and trade and has been a significant inconvenience.

Paul Holden, President and CEO of the Burnaby Board of Trade says “Our membership voiced overwhelming support to have Family Day aligned with other jurisdictions. Having advocated on their behalf these last few years, I am pleased to see the province respond positively to our efforts.”

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