BBOT Reiterates Call to Move Family Day

After five years of inconvenience for the business community caused by a misaligned BC Family Day statutory holiday, the Burnaby Board of Trade is reiterating its call for the provincial government to align Family Day with the holidays of neighbouring jurisdictions by moving the date to the 3rd Monday of February starting in 2019.

While BC has the Family Day holiday on the 2nd Monday of February, seven other provinces observe holidays on the 3rd Monday of February, which is also a federal holiday in the United States. For companies which conduct business in other parts of Canada or in the United States,  this misalignment of holidays can create a barrier to commerce and trade and can be a significant inconvenience.

And a survey by the BBOT of its members on this issue generated our largest ever member response, and showed that, of those businesses with a preference, fully 90% preferred Family Day be moved to the 3rd Monday in February to align with the holidays in other jurisdictions.

The BBOT is engaging with the new provincial government on advancing this issue and making 2018’s Family Day the last one that is so inconveniently out-of-step with our neighbours.

Read our Family Day Policy Alert here or view below.