2020 Digital Development Assistance Program


Looking to increase the digital presence of your business?  Let the Digital Development Assistance Program help!

The Digital Development Assistance Program (DDA Program) is a new initiative of the Burnaby Board of Trade that provides small businesses, non-profits and solopreneurs with direct, hands-on support to build, optimize, and enhance their digital activities at no-cost to you.

In our increasingly digital economy, businesses need to ensure they are communicating and competing in the digital space. And as COVID-19 drives more commerce online, businesses will greatly benefit from expanding and improving website functionality, building enhanced e-commerce sites, and boosting social media channels.

Leveraging our world-class post-secondary institutions, the DDA Program will deliver digital supports for local businesses using skilled and trained local students.  Participating businesses will select digital supports from the below menu and will be matched with a local student(s) from our DDA Digital Marketing Team who will work with them remotely to develop and implement their choice of our DDA digital solutions, including:

  • Social Media Marketing
    The DDA Program will help you understand your goals for using social media and will determine which platforms are right for your business. Businesses will receive new social media profiles or optimization of existing profiles, as well as a social media content plan with prepared posts, timelines, schedules, and training for successful ongoing engagement.
  • Digital Advertising
    More than $330 billion will be spent on digital advertising this year. The DDA Program will help you determine your goals for using digital advertising, develop your target personas, determine the best platforms to use, and provide you with an executable plan for your business.
  • Website Analysis and Development
    With an understanding of your business’ target market and goals, the DDA Program will review your current website’s content, brand, and functionality and will develop a set of recommendations for optimizing your existing website.  The DDA program may also assist with developing and designing new websites or website pages
  • Remote Working Tools
    The DDA program will consult with your business on what remote working tools you currently use, and what would make your business and team more productive. Businesses will then receive personalized recommendations for new remote working tools, and support and guidance to implement them in your workplace.
  • E-Commerce
    For small businesses with e-commerce capabilities already, the DDA Program will work with you on developing a plan to maximize your e-commerce offerings with assistance on updating their sites and expanding their offerings.  For businesses without e-commerce currently, the DDA program can assist with developing a plan to implement an e-commerce solution going forward.

There is no cost to participate in the DDA program, and the support will be delivered safely via remote-working platforms.  The DDA program students are managed and administered by the Burnaby Board of Trade, but participating businesses will work with the student(s) to develop and implement their selection of our digital offerings

Applications are now closed.

For more information, or to apply for this program in the future, email admin@bbot.ca or call 604 412 0100.


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