You’re Invited- Join Wealthminds for an Alture Update and to learn about the Foreign Buyer Tax

You are invited to the next Wealthminds event that will be sponsored by Alture. They invite you to hear about the exciting developments they’ve been working on out at Lakeside Cultus Lake (, in Pemberton, and in Harrison Hot Springs.

You will also be hearing from leading industry professionals Jennifer Podmore Russell, Director & Leader, BC Real Estate Advisory and Christopher Gimbel, Partner, Business Tax at Deloitte, as they discuss how the new foreign buyer tax is affecting the real estate market. There has been much debate about how much foreign buyers are driving up prices in the Vancouver-area market. Other factors that analysts have indicated as possible reasons are low-interest rates, zoning issues, a lack of social housing, and the city’s all-around appeal as one of the world’s most liveable cities. Since this new 15% foreign buyer tax has been implemented, there has been noticeable cool off in the market. But how will this tax really impact the short, and long-term state of the housing market?

Event Details

Date:           Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

Time:           6:45pm – 9pm

Location:     Alture Properties #111 – 3823 Henning Drive, Burnaby BC, V6C 6P3
Light refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP early as space is limited.

Register here or learn more about the event here.