#TonightForTomorrow Mealshare at Burnaby’s Fortune Seafood House

fortuneCommit to end world hunger by simply dining out. On May 18th we will be having our first ever multi-city Mealshare fundraiser called #TonightForTomorrow! We are asking for all of our supporters in #Vancouver and#Calgary to head to one of our participating partners (see our pop-up website below) and eat out. That’s it! http://www.mealshare.ca/tft

For every dollar spent on dinner at participating restaurants on May 18th, one dollar will be donated to help grow Mealshare! HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! $1 spent, $1 donated! It will be an evening of delicious food, prizes, and impact. So PLEASE, if you’re going to be eating out at all in May, make sure it’s on May 18th at one of our amazing participating restaurants!

Head to our pop-up website and sign up for the “Most Delicious Petition Ever!” to be reminded of the event, sent exciting updates, and have a chance to win a gift certificate prize pack! Help us#PaintTheTownOrange by tagging a few friends, in a comment below, that live in #YVR or #YYC and love to eat out! Thanks so much friends!http://www.mealshare.ca/tft

Feel free to invite friends and family to our Facebook event: http://bit.ly/1rdj7sl