Stantec: Building Strong Communties

BBOT member Stantec is the latest business to be featured in a Pledge for a Sustainable Community Success Story. Learn more about the Pledge for a Sustainable Community at


Stantec_parkStantec has been in business for over 60 years and with offices in over 250 locations worldwide they understand the secret to their continued growth and success. At the heart of their organization is their commitment to being a global leader by doing business in a way that meets the needs of the present while contributing to an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable future.

Reducing their impact environmentally means finding approaches that are the least impactful. Their goal is to demonstrate that operating their business sustainably can lead to long term business success.

But environmental health is not the only thing that is top of mind for Stantec. Being a global company means putting down local roots and investing in the communities they operate in.

It was, in fact, through their community work with Burnaby-based The Wildlife Rescue Association of BC (also a BBOT member and pledge member) that they first came to my attention. “Stantec in the Community Day” encourages volunteerism. Recently staff from Stantec’s Burnaby and Vancouver, BC, offices helped out with site maintenance and general gardening for the Wildlife Rescue Association.


Their relationship with WRA started when Kim Rees (Team Lead Functional Services) noticed an injured pigeon near Sky Train station. She captured it and took it to the Wildlife Rescue for rehabilitation which kick-started another volunteer effort.

Noticing the trash under the sky train station made her realize how much humans encroach on land and use up resources needed for wildlife.  She decided to do what she could to help minimize the impact of garbage in this area. Armed with tongs, pails and determination, a group of Stantec volunteers now clean the area every two months.

“We feel we’re doing what is right and making Stantec’s values personal. It’s rewarding to work for a company that enables us to get out into the community so we can make a difference. I asked for the company to provide the tongs, pails and supplies and they were more than willing to do so.  It’s  extremely satisfying at the end of the 2 hours to see all the garbage we have removed and the people that live in the area are always thanking us for our efforts.” says Kim.

Stantec has its eye on the triple bottom line including these environmental goals:

  • 2017 Environmental Targets (with a 2013 baseline) include:
  • Energy Consumption: 5 percent per capita reduction (or 1.25 percent per year)
  • Carbon (GHG) Emissions: 5 percent per capita reduction (or 1.25 percent per year)
  • Waste: Implement recycling programs in every office consistent with municipal recycling standards
  • Paper Consumption: 10 percent per capita reduction (or 2.5 percent per year)
  • Paper Recycled Content: At least 80 percent weighted average recycled content

And last but not least Stantec is committed to helping to build strong local communities.