Small Business Week: Universal Decor

Universal_DecorWhen one thinks of a decorator they think of someone who makes a space or an area look pretty. At Universal Decor we go beyond that. We offer cool and unique products that people can rent so that they can add their own personal touch to an event. We offer full on decor services so that people can relax on their big day and we also offer prop design for film and TV. What we love about doing business in Burnaby, BC is that it connects us to all the different cities in Vancouver. Burnaby is a central place where all different business, individuals, charities, etc can come to our location without complaining that it’s too far from where they live or work. There have been plenty of times that people have just stopped in because it was mid route to their destination. I still remember one time a very nice lady was visiting her father’s grave and on her way back to kill some time she decided to check out some of the businesses. When she stepped in she was amazed. She told me that it was her father that spiritually guided her to places that truly made her happy. Besides having super cool products I truly believe the main reason why our customers keep coming back is that we are a family operated business. You will always see us 5 sisters doing every task required in the business, whether it’s chit chatting with customers, packing up the trucks and trailers and sorting through the dirty laundry, there will never be a time that our costumers would not find one of us there. To us, Burnaby is not only a place of business but also a place of love and happiness because without being a part of the Burnaby community we would have never made the relationships we have.