Small Business Week: Sticky’s Candy Burnaby

Sticky's Candy BurnabyWhen you walk into Sticky’s Candy Burnaby, your senses are hit with a flashback to your child hood (no matter what your age is!). Old and young alike all become the “kid in a candy store”, it’s an amazing feeling and customer after customer say the same thing. “I haven’t seen this since I was a child!” etc.

We are a specialty candy store, specializing in nostalgia. It’s not just candy!
We also sell cool items like candy wrapper purses, retro lunch boxes, candy themed jewelry, tin signs and more.

We carry the Worlds Largest Gummy Bear which weighs FIVE POUNDS!
We also carry the new Bean Boozled line from Jelly Belly (try them if you dare!).

Why do we love Burnaby? We opened our doors here in May 2015, and from day 1 we have been so welcomed by the community. It’s amazing. We have people come in just to say hi, to check in on how things are going etc. We love Burnaby!

Here is an interesting factoid that many aren’t aware of: we don’t sell Canadian chocolate. This may seem odd but the reason is the paraffin wax content. Chocolate from the U.K. has 0%, chocolate from the USA has 4%, and Canadian chocolate can have up to 14% in it!! This results in the most amazing quality chocolate – Smooth, creamy and really hard to go back to regular chocolate once you’ve tried our chocolate. Don’t take our word for it, come and do the test for yourselves!