Small Business Week: The Fermented Grape Winery

Why Wine – Wine not

FermentedGrapeAll great wines begin with the most elemental ingredients: soil, water, sun, and vines. Tasks like pruning, weeding, pest control and soil amendment, require constant attention.

We at The Fermented Grape Winery don’t do any of that. What we do, is work together with our suppliers to ensure we receive the best quality grape juice from around the world. We then, with your help at the winery, turn the grape juice of your choice into award winning wines. The process can take anywhere from 4 weeks for a refreshing white up to 3 month for a full bodied barrel aged red wine.

Wine connoisseur and owner Anita Cookson has devotion for wine, a love of friends and a deep admiration for family all of which have become contributing factors to the success of the Fermented Grape Winery.

Anita has spent years learning the craft of wine making from her hands on experience along with her schooling in Wine and Spirts Education Trust which is regarded as one of the world’s leading provider of wine education.

Born and raised in Burnaby Anita loves to give back to the community whenever she can and is current member of the BBOT and supports local businesses/charities. The Fermented Grape Winery opened its doors at 3855 Canada Way 16 years ago and has enjoyed being part of the community. The Winery has grown into a successful family business thanks to the loyal customers that they now call friends.