Small Business Week: Everland Natural Foods

Everland and New World Natural Foods.The Story of Everland Natural Foods

We are a family-owned company providing real food that is good for you and the planet. Since 2005, Everland has been offering our community with certified organic, kosher, and vegetarian products. We have always seen the bigger picture; profit has never been our driving force. Being a principal driven company has allowed us to flourish while continuing to produce quality Canadian-made, products.

We have grown to become a family of 30 members who all work together in Everland’s 34,000 square feet facility proudly located in Burnaby. Our city has been very supportive of local businesses and is vibrantly multicultural— For these reasons, we locally produce over 300 food products as we strive to make sure we are accommodating the food needs of everyone.Whether someone is celiac, vegan, or is just trying to live a healthier life, we pride ourselves on making healthy, flavourful, organic food that you can feel good about eating. Our customers keep coming back because Everland Natural Foods continuously offers health and sustainability in every bite.