Small Business Week: Dageraad Brewing


Photo credit: Byron Smith @ Greenhouse Photografix

Dageraad Brewing is an award-winning craft brewery located just off of Production Way in North Burnaby. We specialize in brewing balanced, flavourful Belgian-style ales, and we naturally carbonate our bottled beer through the traditional practice of re-fermenting in the bottle.

We sell bottled beer to private liquor stores and kegged beer to bars and restaurants, but the real Dageraad experience can be had only here in Burnaby, at our brewery. Our tasting room is open seven days a week, and customers can come and sample the beer and buy bottles or fill growlers to bring home with them.

We’ve made some pretty delicious beers, but by far the best thing we’ve created is a community. There aren’t too many places to hang out in the Lake City area, so when we see our regular customers introducing themselves to each other, we know we’ve got something special going.

We named one of our most popular beers after our home town: Burnabarian. Sure, it’s just a silly word we made up, but we’d like to make it an emblem of this city. We are Burnabarian.