Small Business Week: Central Park Business Centre

Central Park Biz CentreCentral Park Business Centre is an independent provider of serviced office space and virtual offices on the corner of Boundary and Kingsway with a rich history dating back to 1986. There are a range of companies and professionals that live and work in the space and contribute to the vibrancy and pulse of the area. Our staff have the experience and passion to look after our clients’ daily needs, and they genuinely care.

Operating in the Burnaby area is unique as it is a hard-working, diverse, community-oriented region that looks after one-another (from people to businesses and beyond). Central Park Business Centre is located in between beautiful Central Park, Swanguard Stadium, the Telus boot building and the new Wall Centre residence. We are home to every type of business under the sun, from electrical inspectors to wine agents to counsellors, accountants, lawyers, and sewing companies.