Small Business Week: Bestway Tours & Safaris


Probably the most experienced Tour Operator in B.C, we started putting together unique travel experiences to different countries in 1978. The idea, born from the multi cultural Canada and more so Burnaby, was to be a bridge builder by making people experience the cultures of different countries. With support from local residents, clients and institutions coupled with our desire to take up challenges and be innovative we now operate tours to over 90 countries across the globe.

Over 35 plus years, we have operated unique journeys for various organizations including Burnaby Board of Trade, educational institutions, fundraiser for charitable foundations, cultural groups, etc.

For a small Burnaby company, we have operated tours to the most loneliest island in the world, handled solar eclipse tours in Libya, China and Australia, handled several Universities to the Silk Road countries, customized private safaris and enjoyed every bit of it.

Quality service gaining an A+ accreditation with the BBB and passion for what we do is our secret.