Reignite Your Life! Join Winnie and Associates For Workshops To Help You Take Charge of Your Goals

Join Winnie and Associates to discover how to make change in your life. Nov 20 and 21 | 6:30 – 9:30 pm

What’s your vision for 2019?

Another year is winding up – have you found yourself in the same place you were last year, wondering why things aren’t changing and getting better?

Reignite your passion and live the life you want!

Would you like to meet with an intimate, like-minded group of people who are ready to make change in their lives, regain their excitement, and take charge of their goals? Would you like that kind of support?

This is a two evening workshop that is designed to help you:

  • Clarify your vision of your ideal future
  • Determine the challenges holding you back
  • Uncover hidden mindsets sabotaging your efforts
  • Explore new perspectives and possibilities
  • Leave inspired & motivated to take the next steps

A small group setting is a perfect setting to reflect on where you with your life, where you would like to be, and how to get what you want out of life. Winnie Furber has over 10 years as a workshop facilitator, and is well-loved by her clients for not only her enthusiasm and support, but her ability to cut through life’s ruts and help her clients look at their situation with a new perspective.

A two-evening workshop designed for anyone who wants to regain excitement, focus and productivity in their lives.