Rapid COVID-19 Testing for Workplaces

In BC, there are limited options for employers to access rapid tests for use in workplace COVID-19 screening procedures.  The Burnaby Board of Trade has been actively engaging and advocating for tools and resources to help businesses access more testing options.  Below is a summary of some of the avenues available for employers who wish to implement rapid testing as part of a workplace COVID-19 safety policy.

Safe Screen BC – Tests for Businesses

Businesses can access rapid tests for COVID-19 for use in workplace screening through Safe Screen BC, a body created and authorized by the Provincial Health Services Authority.

These tests are meant to be used for businesses that have workers operating in close contact to one another or to clients, and where other safety precautions are less possible.  The tests are meant to be used on asymptomatic workers as part of a screening process, not to test those displaying symptoms, and are limited to use on staff/contractors, not on clients or customers.

The program is open to any businesses which meet this criteria, but common sectors include manufacturing, construction/trades, and hospitality.

There is a one-time admin fee based on your employee count, and then the tests are free thereafter.   Fees start at $100 for businesses with up to 15 employees., and increase to $975 for 16-100 employees, and $7500 for over 100 employee businesses. The program provides supports on setting up a testing strategy, how to property use the tests, and other testing concerns.

For information on this program, click here.

Non-Profits and Charities

If you’re a charity or a non-profit with personnel (staff and volunteers) who work in close proximity to each other or have direct contact with community members, you can apply now to access free rapid tests through the Canadian Red Cross.

You must have at least 5 staff or volunteers working in close physical contact, or working on the frontlines providing essential services, including in at-risk setting where other safety precautions are less possible.

For all the details, and how to apply, click here. 

Long Term Care and Assisted Living

Health authority owned/operated and contracted facilities should contact their regional health authority (Fraser Health in Burnaby) for information on how to access test kits.

Private facilities (without any health authority contracted beds) should contact the PHSA Rapid Point-of-Care Screening Program at RapidPOCTeam@phsa.ca for information on how to access test kits or with any other questions.

Purchase Tests Through BBOT Members

  • BBOT member GoToPromotions has secured shipments of COVID-19 rapid antigen tests which are now available for purchase.
    • To order or to inquire about this special BBOT shipment and offer, please email Jacquie and Melody at GoToPromotions
  • BBOT Member ASAP Office Supplies also has some quantities of COVID-19 rapid tests and other PPE supplies available for purchase.