Province Announces CleanBC Sustainability Plan

The provincial government has released its CleanBC plan to reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants while transitioning to a lower-carbon economy.  As a triple-bottom-line chamber of commerce, the Burnaby Board of Trade has long advocated for and helped facilitate more environmentally sustainable practices in all facets of our economy and community.  The BBOT is pleased to see a robust plan put forth to not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% (of 2007 levels), but more importantly to ensure BC’s economy, infrastructure and communities remain resilient and adaptable into the future.

The BBOT will continue to engage on this  issue and will work with the provincial government to ensure the goals of CleanBC are implemented effectively, the tactics to do so are developed soundly and in consultation with business, and that there is consideration of and supports for the business community to mitigate any intermediate negative impacts.

Highlights of the CleanBC plan include:

  • Improving the energy efficiency of the building code for all new buildings and incentives to upgrade the existing built environment
  • Using carbon tax revenue from businesses to fund incentive programs to drive further efficiencies
  • Further reducing waste and organics diversion, and investing more in the biofuel sector
  • Increase the electrification of industry by ensuring adequate supply and sufficient transmission capacity
  • Developing a CleanBC Labour Readiness Plan to ensure workers have the skills needed to implement this plan
  • Working towards 30% of all sales of new light-duty cars and trucks being zero-emission vehicles by 2030, rising to 100% by 2040 through incentives and building out the charging infrastructure.

For more information:

Visit the Government of BC’s CleanBC website

Read the highlights of the CleanBC plan