The Most Overlooked Asset to Build Your Business

As a society, one of the biggest problems identified today has been that humans spend too much time on their cellphones. Every possible second of downtime, whether it be on the SkyTrain, during commercials, waiting for food at a restaurant, etc. people are on their cell phones scrolling through the latest updates on social media. In the sales industry, attention is the #1 asset and is what all companies eagerly fight for, yet a lot of businesses have overlooked this area!

This is understandable. Most businesses were built before social media existed and have turned out to be very successful, so why tinker with a formula that works and invest the time into something that you’re not sure will have a positive ROI? Simply put, like a popular saying on Wall Street, past performance should not be used as an indicator of future success. We currently live in a world dominated by cell phones, and companies that have adapted the quickest have reaped the most rewards.

Personally, along with helping transition South Burnaby Metro Club into the 21st century, I have created an e-commerce business ( and generated sales through the use of social media platform Instagram. Below are my 3 keys to creating and building a strong social media presence:


1) Add Value: Give people a reason to follow you. Do you create awareness about unknown issues? Is it because you make and post funny videos/pictures? Maybe you provide knowledge and education on a specific subject/product? If you do not add value, there is no reason for anyone to follow you! Tailor your social media accounts like your business. Give it a theme and cater to a specific audience, whether it be people within a certain location or people who share the same interests.

2) Interact: One of the most rewarding things about social media that I have found has been that there are communities of people who share the same interests as you and want to help you reach your goals. Don’t hesitate to like/comment on other people’s posts and build meaningful relationships with them. A comment on a post can show genuine interest and create a loyal fanbase or connections that you can leverage in the future. It will also help you identify the interests of your potential customers, and how you can tailor your business to better meet their needs. Remember, in order to receive, you must first give!

3) 1>0: This is the most important mantra for businesses/brands. Social media for younger generations has turned into a popularity contest to see who has more followers or likes. It can be easy to be discouraged if you only have 50 followers on your account, however, that should not stop you from creating and posting high quality material. It is important to never forget that 1>0. 1 comment/like from a potential customer is and will always be greater than 0, especially if the price to post is free. It only takes 1 follower with the right connection to lead you to an opportunity that elevates your business to the next level!


The biggest mistakes I see with companies on social media is that they simply throw pictures of their products into posts and try to sell, sell, sell. Social media should be used as a platform to get to know your potential customers, build a relationship with them, and create brand awareness/loyalty. If those things are established first, the sales will follow. This will require a major commitment, but if done properly, will truly separate you from your competition.
Thank you for reading. If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to contact me (Michael) at