Open Mic for Take a Hike!


(Single Ticket – $75         Table of 10 – $750) 

What is Take a Hike?

Take a Hike is a unique and proven full-time education program that engages at-risk youth through a powerful combination of adventure-based learning, academics, therapy, and community volunteer work. The program is supported by the Take a Hike Youth at Risk Foundation whose purpose is to enable at-risk youth to positively change their lives, graduate from high school and realize their full potential.

Not every student fits into the mainstream school system. Even the brightest youth have the odds stacked against them when they are trapped in a cycle of poverty, abuse, mental illness, and/or neglect. The youth at Take a Hike struggle with a number of these personal issues. Take a Hike provides them with a stable and supportive environment to work through their issues, build confidence, improve their academic abilities and eventually graduate from high school.

Learn more from this short video:

Take a Hike students best express the impact of your support.

“Without the support from my friends and Take a Hike, I would not be the confident, go-getting girl that I am today. I would still be sitting at home in a dark room, playing video games, and hating the world. My future looks brighter than I ever imagined a year ago.”

“Take a Hike is not easy. You come here and the teachers push you to points you had no idea you were capable of. You work and you strain to be better, and it is painful but you always get there. I can proudly say that I have made the honour roll for the first time. Without Take a Hike, I would not be here. So to you, my brothers and sisters, my teachers, volunteers, donors, everyone…thank you.”