New Changes Announced to BC Liquor Policy

Effective April 1, 2015:

  • BC Liquor Stores will be allowed to extend their hours of operation to match private liquor stores, including opening on Sundays.
  • BC Liquor Stores will have the choice to install refrigeration units to sell cold beer and wine.
  • British Columbia’s “store-within-a-store” model for liquor sales in grocery stores will take effect, with safeguards in place to protect health and safety and ensure continued restricted access to alcohol by minors.
  • The five-kilometre rule – which currently sets the maximum distance that a private liquor store can relocate if moving outside of its jurisdiction – will be removed, allowing for the relocation of licences throughout the province.
  • The one-kilometre rule – the minimum distance between new or relocating private liquor stores – will be maintained and expanded to BC Liquor Stores.
  • A new price-based wholesale pricing model for wine and spirits will take effect.
  • A new volume-based wholesale pricing model for beer will take effect, with a graduated mark-up system, allowing small- and medium-sized breweries to grow their product lines and create jobs.

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