New Canada Job Grant deadline extended to September 30 2016

The New Canada Job Grant gives you the opportunity to apply for Sales, Management and Customer Service training that can be subsidized. Over the next few years, the Canadian Government has allocated federal funding which will allow you to build the skills of new or existing employees through providers such as Trainwest Management and Consulting.

The government training grant will cover up $10,000 or 2/3 of the training costs per employee.  It is currently available for all privately run companies and small businesses in British Columbia.  The Canada-B.C. Job Grant opens on April 22, 2016 for applications for training that starts on or before September. Last year the Government was overwhelmed with applications so the earlier your application is submitted, the better chance you have on being accepted.

For more information please call 604 291 1272 (Ext 101). Trainwest Management Consulting Inc. is a certified company to provide training. The application process itself will take about 30 minutes; once this has been completed your application will go for review. The approval takes approximately 1-2 Weeks.

To learn more about the Canada Job Grant, click here.