Minority Government Should Provide Opportunity To Collaborate on Important Issues Says Burnaby Board of Trade

In light of a minority parliament following last night’s federal election, the Burnaby Board of Trade is welcoming the opportunity to engage with all federal parties to advance the interests of local business. While a minority government is traditionally less stable than a majority one, the Burnaby Board of Trade can see potential upside with the opportunity for different parties to collaborate on different important issues, and encourages the federal leaders to find ways to govern together for the benefit of Canada to avoid another election.

“With last night’s election returning a minority government to Ottawa, the Burnaby Board of Trade sees this as an unique opportunity for us to engage and advocate to all parties on the issues that matter to local businesses,” said Burnaby Board of Trade President & CEO Paul Holden. “I can foresee, and would hope we see, different mixes of MPs coming together to address different issues, so that we may tackle an even wider-range of important problems like tax competitiveness, climate change, and workforce development,” added Holden.

Regardless of which parties are involved in government, the Burnaby Board of Trade will be consistent in its call for government to be supportive and respectful of the business community, and to engage businesses, particularly small businesses, in the policy process.  “You can’t have strong, vibrant communities without strong and successful businesses, and vice versa; that’s a concept we passionately believe and we will make sure all federal parties understand it,” added Holden.

The Burnaby Board of Trade would also like to congratulate our local Members of Parliament-Elect Terry Beech, Peter Julian and Jagmeet Singh on being re-elected.  We look forward to working with each of them over their coming term in office.

For official election results, please visit Elections Canada