What we know about the new Canadian – U.S. border deal

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Canada and the U.S. signed a new agreement Monday that could make travel between countries easier and faster.

Pre-clearance away from border: Customs agents will be able to pre-screen travellers away from country entry points (at new facilities) that would ease congestion at border crossings. Budgeting for new customs infrastructure has yet to be announced

Pre-clearance is already happening for air travel: People wishing to enter the U.S. by air can clear U.S. customs at eight airports across the country, which allows travellers to skip the customs line when they land on U.S. soil.

When will the plan be implemented: That remains unclear as legislation is required on both sides of the border. Both countries planned to open up pre-clearance to land and sea travel in 2011 but a late 2012 deadline was missed.

Armed customs agents: U.S. customs officers will be armed while on Canadian soil but will not have peace officer status, meaning they cannot make an arrest.If an arrest of an individual is required, the person would be detained until a Canadian law enforcement officer arrives.

More jobs: More customs agents will be required on both sides of the border and new pre-clearance facilities will be built, thus creating more jobs.