Interested in Obtaining Current Regional Labour Market Information?

CME_buttonCME British Columbia is pleased to announce our involvement in a new national initiative – Regional Labour Market Information (LMI) to Address Skills and Human Resources Issues in Manufacturing – and we need your participation to make it a success!

About the Project

The LMI initiative is a multi-year project that CME is conducting together with CSTEC (Canadian Skills Training and Employment Coalition) to address critical challenges related to skills and human resources needs in the manufacturing sector. The partnership will focus on addressing regional availability and/or lack of skilled tradespersons, particularly those with skilled training in advanced manufacturing, as well as the availability of technicians and technologists with training in relevant technologies.

The objective is to keep you well informed about the regional labour market to help you remain competitive and grow your business. To achieve this goal, your participation in our Regional Industrial Committee (RIC) is critical in providing “on the ground” information so that real, practical solutions can be developed and applied.

Take our Survey

During this national project, CME BC invites manufacturers to participate in a short labour market survey, the results of which are confidential and only reported at an aggregate level. The purpose of the survey is to gain better insight into the current regional labour market for skilled trades, technicians, technologists and engineers.

Your input is valued as it will help to identify whether a regional skills shortage exists. You will have access to the regional report as well as the final report, which will contain information on labour market conditions and human resource needs across 15 regions in Canada. The survey should only take about 10-20 minutes to complete.

To access the survey, please click here

Join our RIC

In addition to the survey, CME BC has begun to build a regional network made up of various stakeholders including manufacturing employers, government staff, and educational institutions.

This Regional Industrial Committee (RIC) will meet at least once a year – the first meeting is planned for June 2015 – and have the opportunity to receive, review and discuss detailed information on the manufacturing labour market, and engage in collaborative discussions on how to tackle more urgent skills related challenges affecting our region.

We’d like to invite you to join our RIC and be among the first to receive detailed LMI. A national labour market analytics firm will provide comprehensive analysis and forecasts on skilled tradespeople, technicians, technologists and engineers in the area, some of which will come from regional survey results. RIC members will be the true “champions” of Labour Market Information in BC, because the insights they provide will serve as a catalyst for future programs addressing skills training and development.

Investment and Benefits

Your investment in the RIC:

  • Sharing information and news with your Regional Coordinator and fellow committee members through electronic media, phone, and occasional face-to-face meetings

Your benefits:

  • Access to detailed information on the availability of skilled employees in your region
  • Increased confidence in human resources planning
  • Skills training that is more suited and developed to your needs
  • Reduced risk in hiring and training apprentices
  • More effective knowledge management
  • Opportunities to engage with other employers and stakeholders in the region and to link with employers across Canada

For more information about the Regional Labour Market Information project, the survey, or joining our RIC, please contact:
Lori Akiyama, Regional Coordinator, LMI
T: 604-713-7800 x 5251
C: 604-314-1789